“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people.”

Titus 2:11

We just returned from Southeast Asia with a team that included board members Greg Stern and Rick Camp. There are so many things that I would love to share that took place throughout our journey that it would be impossible to share in this newsletter. So I will give you just a few snapshots.

Our trip was filled with a great variety of ministry opportunities ranging from remote village outreach, to ministering in both private and public schools, a pastors conference, VBS, ministering in local churches and, of course, our annual water park adventure with all of our children – over 350 of them!

But there are two events I want to emphasize and share how the Lord worked in ways that no one on our team was expecting. We felt a strong leading to conduct an outdoor crusade. We kicked off several days of crusades with great anticipation. We had faith that the Lord was going to do something because there was such a sense His presence involved.

As a result, the Lord moved powerfully! People came to the altar weeping as they received Christ. Many asked for prayer because they had to tell their families they had become a Christian. There were literally floods of people weeping, crying out to the Lord.   Many were healed also, and set free from darkness. In fact, the testimonies kept coming in even several days after the event!

There were stories of men stopping in the streets to listen to what was being preached and being convicted, knelt down in the streets, outside the grounds, crying out to Jesus to save them! There are no accolades, no egos to inflate, for there is only One worthy – Jesus Christ! All honor belong to Him. We simply give thanks for all that the Lord allows us to be a part of… Praise God for all He’s doing!